2 | The Dessert of the Year


I’m always a smiling doofus when September begins. I call this period from September through to December the “dessert of the year.” It might only be in my eyes, but I see people calming down a bit, with the idea of reaping surrounding them as things cool off outside. All that work completed during the first 8 months of the year starts to simultaneously pay off and ask that we relax for the final section. We start looking at each other again, just a little more. Regrouping and celebrating. Holidays, people, and food come down on us like a tour, and if things are bad enough we cling to these occasions even more tightly. And here I am, consistently leaning right into all of it, plotting it out on the calendar to make sure I don’t miss a second.

I want to say thanks to everyone for the reception of Arthur & Jane. I felt the support, truly, and loved the messages that came in talking about the project. About a week ago we kicked off the Arthur & Jane Fall Tour which, through the use of italics almost sounds like a real thing. I will be playing a number of cafes and small venues around British Columbia until the end of the year. If any of you are able to come out, please do. We can talk, trade songs, and I’ll sing a bit.

This year there won’t be so much colour to the Autumn for me. All the years I spent on the eastern side of Canada showed me a time every year where the colour spectrum spilled out the most vibrant ideas onto nature’s already absurd originality. But in the west, the trees are a bit less swayed by that idea. I won’t try and convince them; I’ll find autumn in the air, and in the time, and eventually in the less intense colour change on the conifers all around me.

Artist playlists are a cool idea to me. Among all the things I take seriously in life, two that land really high in rank are playlists and colours haha. I’m gonna mix the two to create selections of music that you can listen to if you want to. Playlists for seasons, occasions, vibes, etc. Each will have a corresponding colour and 10 songs, and often a few describing words. You can find these on my Spotify page, where they will be in an already-made playlist (whenever I make one), and you can trust that I went full sweating-mode trying to perfect them. If you don’t have Spotify, worry not! I’ll also leave it here and you can collect these songs wherever you listen to music.


  #ace1af - Celadon CJ Vol. 1 | My 10 Favourite Songs

  1. Through The Window by Chris Cornell

  2. You Know Where To Find Me by Imogen Heap

  3. No One To Nothing by Mother Mother

  4. You Talk Way Too Much by The Strokes

  5. Hypocritical Kiss by Jack White

  6. Death Wish by Bowerbirds

  7. Heaven by Emma Ruth Rundle

  8. Opus Brain by Igorrr

  9. Words Darker Than Their Wings by Alter Bridge

  10. Getting To Me by Caroline Rose

1 | Arthur & Jane

Hi. My name is CJ Bissett and I’ve just finished writing an album. My first. It took me nearly 2 years to really put the major pieces of it together, but in actual fact, this has been something I’ve been trying to do since before I was old enough to really know how to do it at all. But it is done now, and I am finally standing at the edge of doing what I’ve been wanting to do for so so long; touring, singing, and sharing it with anybody who likes what they hear.

I have put all of my effort into this project and arrived at something I am surprisingly happy with. I only bother noting that it surprises me because I never seem to reach that feeling with the things that I make. This project is something I feel proud showing to others. I’ve captured some of my ideas about being alone for too long, or perfecting something beyond a healthy measure, and of being brought out of all that dramatic darkness for long enough to see some truly good things and strong people flourish. I’ve put them into a collection of songs due to be out next week, on a Thursday. A really wonderful Thursday I think it will be. And I think that it will be that way because of good people, and good words, and good thoughts, and the idea of having that rest as a bedrock for growing more beauty and wholesomeness in the nearest future.

I want you to know that this is, in my eyes, such a beginning. One I am so positive about and one that I want anyone to view as a joining point; my hand is outstretched and ready to pull upwards on any others.

I have so many things I want to tell you and show you, and so many things I want you to tell me and show me. I want to tell you what I meant with these songs, where I was, often times how I got out, and at the same time I want you to disregard all those motivations to find your own explanations through your unique, messy, complicated personal contexts. I want you to see select things that I saw and to understand that I never claim to know the full extent of what it is that I am doing so young in my life; but that I am okay for now, and that I am having a strong time.

I want to say thank you to anyone who saw me as any sort of character in your life as I passed by across these years, always having a reason to keep moving away, and then away again. To my Holly and my clan. And to, in a more emotional than logical sense, all those other years that were indirectly formative, not only to me, but to this album.

I can’t be as constant on social media as some others; that much I know and have known for a while now. I only hope that relatively frequent contact through pictures of rocks, and green things, and letters like this, will be enough to keep in touch.

I’m back in the mountains now, 20 years after I was born here, breathing more restfully again. The next part begins here, with the release of Arthur & Jane, and I am finding trouble in properly explaining my excitement for this wonderful new adventure. So I’ll end it here, having given you the premise to my most hopeful intentions.